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SG Gazze von den Kleinen Birke IPO3 KKL
Hips a-normal, Elbows normal

Dira von der Geistwasser BH
Hips OFA Good Elbows normal


5M/2F puppies born 3/25!

Y litter puppy photos

Please contact us at or 815.355.4749 for more info.

SG Gazze von der Kleinen Birke IPO3 KKL HD/ED Normal

Gazze is trained, owned and handled by Mike Diehl, and together this team has consistently dominated national and international events for the past few years. Gazze and Mike won the 2017 AWDF Championship and went on to take 7th place at the FCI World Championship and 3rd at the WUSV World Championship. Gazze's protection work is as close to perfection as we see, with explosive, relentless guarding, perfect full grips and speed to the arm that challenges even experienced helpers. His young progeny are looking excellent, and we are very excited to incorporate him into our breeding program. Keep an eye out for Mike and Gazze in the spring 2019 championship trials.

Gazze von der Kleinen Birke pedigree, photos and videos

Dira von der Geistwasser BH OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal

Dira is a beautiful and extremely driven bicolor female out of our V Athos von der Wannaer Höhen IPO3 KKL and SG Mia vom Geistwasser IPO1 AD. Dira is in training for her IPO titles and brings an abundance of drive and intensity to the work. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she is a natural tracking dog with high hunt drive and over-the-top food drive. An upper medium sized female, she is extremely athletic and loves to run for the pure joy of it. She is a joy in the obedience and is the type of dog that lives to engage with her handler, whether in play or work. In protection, she is very fast to the arm and truly enjoys the fight with the helper. Dira's is being trained by Jen (who trained her mother and her grandmother as well) and will achieve her first IPO titles this season.

Dira vom Geistwasser pedigree, photos and videos.

Please contact us at or 815.355.4749 for more info.

V Madox von der Emsaue IPO3 KKL
Hips a-fast normal, Elbows normal, DM Clear

Lola von der Geistwasser (in training for titles)
Hips OFA Excellent Elbows Normal



Six puppies (1M/5F) born 03.09.19!

X-Litter puppy photos!

V Madox von der Emsaue IPO3 KKL

MADOX is a correct medium-sized male with impressive substance, beautiful structure and pigment and unflappable temperament. This male carries himself with confidence, and his dark eye and expression tell you everything you need to know about what he is from the character. A direct son of Uno Stadfeldt, Madox is a Paska Salzablick grandson on the mother's side, giving his pedigree a nice balance of drive and aggression. The Uno/His pups are excelling at a range of activities, from IPO, to conformation, to flyball, agility, and nosework. Hips SV fast normal, elbows normal. DM clear.

Madox von der Emsaue pedigree and breed survey

Lola vom Geistwasser OFA Hips Excellent Elbows Normal

Lola is the result of more than a decade of planning and some good old fashioned luck. She is the daughter of our V Boy von Zorra SchH3 KKL1 lbz and SG Prada von den Wannaer Hohen IPO3 KKL, mother to our V Athos von der Wannaer Hohen. The breeding combines the best of our foundation sire line, bringing Boy together with Athos's mother for a female that's the among the finest we've seen. Lola has strong drives for all three phases and is a calm, but powerful female that is often mistaken for a male. She is being prepared for her IPO/IPG titles by Bill personally and constantly impresses whenever she's out and about. Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal.

Lola vom Geistwasser pedigree and working photos/video




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